Watanut: Gourmet Nuts & Cookies


Indulge in Watanut's delicious gourmet shortbread cookies and nuts– perfect for gifting or treating yourself! Watanut’s goodies are made by hand, from scratch, every day, providing the best quality and flavor you deserve. Get ready to satisfy your cravings and savor the moment with each mouthwatering bite!

Choose from several delicious nut and cookie options:

- Praline: Fresh Georgia Pecans

- Salty Chocolate: Buttery Shortbread Cookies with Ghiradelli Chocolate & Sea Salt

- We Are Family: Gourmet Mixed Nuts

- Georgia Pecan: Buttery Shortbread Cookies Loaded with Georgia Pecans

- Key Lime: Buttery Shortbread Cookies with Crunchy Almonds and a Burst of Key Lime

Between 4 - 6 oz