Specialty red rooibos tea with Carrot, cinnamon, and candied ginger from Tebella Tea Company sold at RedEye Coffee Tallahassee, FL.
Carrot cake tea blend at RedEye Coffee in Tallahassee, FL

Tea: Carrot Cake


An aromatic and delightfully rich rooibos blend, reminiscent of the classic dessert. Carrot, cinnamon, and candied ginger create a warm burst of flavor, while white chocolate nibs enhance the natural sweetness of red rooibos.

Type: Red Rooibos Tea // Caffeine-Free

Steeping Instructions: Carrot Cake for 4-5 minutes at 208°.

Pro Tip: Add a splash of cream - even if making it as iced tea. You won't regret it.

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