CPS - Taste of Tally Gift Set (Full-Sized Version)


Taste of Tally Gift Set (Full Sized): Shout out to the 850 and all the awesome people in it! This Tally-centric care package is ideal for giving a piece of home to a Tallahassee-lover anywhere in the world. 

Includes (retail value of $85) 

1 - 16oz. bag of coffee (indicate blend and grind)
1 - 2oz. bag of specialty, hand-blended loose-leaf tea
1 - 4oz. luxury bar of Fresh Goat's Milk soap (Serenity Acres Farm)
1 - 4oz. jar of Pro Seasoning (Nikki Talks Food)
1 - 8oz. package of Orchard Pond Organics granola
1 - Jar local Wildflower Honey (Orchard Pond Organics)
2 - RedEye stickers
1 - 8oz. RedEye House Cocoa mix

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