Bagged Coffee: Burundi Ngozi Murambi


About the Coffee: This is a seasonal offering from this farm and we roast it Light.

Natural Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Honey, Peach

About the Farm: This coffee comes to us from the Murambi Washing Station, named after the town it resides in, Murambi Hill. From the Ngozi, Rukeco zone of Burundi, the elders named it Murambi Hill because it had an elongated shape and was located next to a large, flat valley. Murambi Washing Station has an altitude of 1867masl, one of the highest in all of Burundi.

All the producers that bring their cherries to be processed at Murambi Washing Station live on 7 surrounding hills. Throughout the year, around 735 small holder farms deliver their cherries to this washing station. These producers are trained to pick only ripe cherries, and they are floated upon arrival at the washing station. This washed lot is fermented in water for 24 hours and then dried for 12 days on raised beds before being exported by TGEP Inc.

RedEye Coffee is proudly owned by a local nonprofit, Independence Landing. We are thrilled to be working with amazing farms and coops committed to empowering people. Roasting right here in Tallahassee.

Please allow 24-48 hours to fulfill all orders.