Drinks for You & Your Crew

Cold Drinks To Go

Available in: Half-Gallon // Half-Cambro // Full Cambro

    • Flavored Cold Brew
    • Iced Lattes: Regular, Vanilla, Lavender Vanilla, Mocha, or Rosemary Caramel
    • Blackberry Sage Iced Tea
    • Lemon Drop Mint Iced Tea
    • Hibiscus Berry Iced Tea
    • Moroccan Mint Iced Tea
    • Rose Matcha Lemonade

      Options Include: Sugar-Free Flavored Cold Brew; Add Organic Lemonade to any Iced Tea; Non-Dairy Milk; Additional Charges Apply

      Hot Drinks

      Hot Drinks To Go

      Single Origin Drip Coffee (Regular or Decaf)

      Available in: To-Go Box // Half-Cambro // Full Cambro

      • Hot Chocolate
      • Caramel Apple Cider
      • Hot Tea (House Options): Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Endless Summer
      • Hot Tea (Premium Options): Caramel Biscotti, Carrot Cake, Duchess Grey
      • Specialty Lattes: Regular, Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla, Mocha, or Rosemary Caramel

      Options Include: Seasonal Flavors; Non-Dairy Milk.

      Servings Guide

      • Half-Gallon Jugs (64oz) provide: 8 - 8oz servings OR 6 - 12oz servings
      • To Go Boxes (96oz) provide: 12 - 8oz servings OR 8 - 12oz servings.
      • Half-Cambro (3 gallons) provides: 48 - 8oz servings OR 32 - 12oz servings
      • Full-Cambro (4.5 gallons) provides: 72 - 8oz servings OR 48 - 12oz servings

      Add-Ons + Upgrades

      • Packages include standard supplies bag. Extra supplies available by request.
      • Hot Cocoa Upgrades: Marshmallows, Peppermints, & Whipped Cream
      • Upgraded Drink Condiments: 2 Specialty Syrups, Oat Milk Add-On, & Whipped Cream

      Catering food

      Morning Packages

      • Pastry Platter for 12: Small assortment of locally baked pastries and sweets.
      • Pastry Boxes To Go: Individually boxed pastries and trail mix. Choice of:
        • Cinnamon Roll
        • Pistachio Muffin
        • Chocolate Muffin
        • Blueberry Muffin

      Platters & Shareables

      • Sandwich Platter: Four of each sandwich, cut in half and neatly arranged on the platter.
        • Turkey Pesto Provolone on Ciabatta
        • Turkey Bacon Garlic on Ciabatta
      • Wrap Platter: Four of each wrap, cut in half and neatly arranged on the platter.
        • Vegan Veggie Hummus Wrap
        • Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap
      • Mixed Platter: Your choice of 8 sandwiches or wraps cut in half.
      • Fruit & Cheese Platter for 8 to 10
      • Holiday Charcuterie Platter for 6 to 8: Assorted artisanal meats, cheeses, fruit, and accompaniments arranged as a holiday wreath.
      • House Dip Trio: Choice of 3 RedEye dips with crackers.
        • Everything Hummus
        • Pimiento Dip
        • Yogurt Dip
        • Classic Chicken Salad
        • Curried Chicken Salad

      Individually Boxed Options & Desserts

      • Individual Grazing Boxes: Individually boxed charcuterie. (Great for taking it home or saving it for later!)
      • Artisanal Chocolates: Housemade artisanal chocolates in individual gift boxes. Choice of:
        • Dark Chocolate Chai
        • Rocky Road
        • White Chocolate Lemon Lavender
        • White Chocolate Raspberry Matcha

      Let's get started on your order! Email Dani, Kathryn, and Ashley at Events@RedEyeCoffee.com.

      Events team