SRAC - Grazing Bundles
Charcuterie for a Cause in Tallahassee, FL
Half-Gallon drinks at RedEye Coffee in Tallahassee, FL

SRAC - Grazing Bundles


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Through RedEye's Grazing for Good program, 25% from every purchase will go towards Suwannee River Area Council to help with its continued success!

Each Box: A packed variety of artisanal meats, cheeses, fruit, and accompaniments. Serves 2 (but why share? *wink*) and comes in a 6" Kraft box.

Add a Half-Gallon: Your choice of drink only increases their donation! 64 floz, 6-8 servings.

Deadline to order is: Each Wednesday by 5PM

Pick-Up Will be: Each Friday, between 1PM to 6PM at your choice of RE Midtown or RE Capital Circle. (Delivery is not available for this item.) RedEye closes at 7PM Monday through Saturday.

Allergies: Vegan and Gluten-Free requests will be honored with quality substitutions for an additional fee.


About Grazing for Good:

RedEye is all about building community and it is our pleasure to partner up with different community organizations through our Grazing for Good partnerships.

If you would like your organization to be considered for this partnership, please email