Bagged Coffee: Brazil Mogiana Decaf

Bagged Coffee: Brazil Mogiana Decaf


About the Coffee: This is a specialty grade offering from this farm and we roast it Light to Medium. These Brazil coffee beans are decaffeinated by using water and is considered chemical-free. (Most decaf coffees use methyl chloride in removing caffeine and have traces in the final cup.) Roasted by RedEye Coffee in TLH.

Natural Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Cherry, Almond

About the Farm: Founded on July 11, 1985, in Franca/SP, the Cooperativa de Cafeicultores e Agropecuaristas (Cocapec) came into being after two years of setting up the core of the Cooperativa Central Agropecuária do Paraná (Cocap). The experience acquired with Cocap encouraged coffee growers in Alta Mogiana to create their own cooperative.

Cocapec transformed the coffee growing scenario in the region, motivated the technological growth in the field, created better conditions for the acquisition of products, streamlined the purchase and sale of coffee and worked with its members to improve the quality of a product that is of great importance in the world economic scenario. Your purchase supports the work of over 2,000 members of the cooperative.

RedEye Coffee is woman- and minority-owned. We are thrilled to be working with amazing farms and coops committed to empowering people.