Bagged Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo

Bagged Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo


About the Coffee: This is a seasonal offering from this farm and we roast it Light.

Natural Tasting Notes: Caramel, Red Berries, and Honey

About the Farm: The Durato Bombe is collected from 626 farmers in Durato of Bombe Kebele (village) in the Bensa Woreda (district) of the Sidama zone. The village shares it's name with the mountain of Bombe on which the coffee grows. Meticulous processing occurs at the Qunqna mill where it is sun dried as whole cherry for 10-15 days creating a fruit-forward and complex flavor profile.

This coffee from the Bombe mountain has surprisingly huge body for a natural processed heirloom coffee.

RedEye Coffee is a woman- and minority-owned local business. We are thrilled to be working with amazing farms and coops committed to empowering people. Our single origin coffees are seasonal honoring the harvest and ensuring optimal tasting notes. We proudly roast in TLH.

Please allow 24-48 hours to fulfill all orders.