Pura Vida & Perezoso: Costa Rica Tarrazu


Experience the unique flavors of Pura Vida and Perezoso, made from the same Costa Rican beans processed two different ways.

These are sourced from an incredibly special micro lot from La Candelilla Micro Mill in Costa Rica (meaning there’s a limited quantity available). Both are from the same farm, but the processing methods create two distinct coffees. They're meant to be enjoyed together creating an amazing experience for coffee novices & aficionados alike!

Tasting Notes: fresh berries, grapes, and mild chocolate
About the Coffee: Meaning "Pure Life" in Spanish, this coffee embodies the spirit of Costa Rica's vibrant and positive culture, making every sip a celebration of life's goodness. The natural process method creates a sweeter taste, mellow notes, and a really crisp feel.

Tasting Notes: cane syrup, berry jam, and sweet acidity
About the Coffee: Meaning "sloth" in Spanish, this coffee pays tribute to Costa Rica's beloved fuzzy inhabitants. The red honey process method makes for a super juicy and deep taste, and a balance of sweetness and acidity. 

About the Source: Cuatro Hermanas is referring to four amazing sisters that help manage La Candelilla Micro Mill. Elsa, Luisa, Miriam, and Ana all contribute to what makes this special mill in the Tarrazu region of San Jose Costa Rica so incredible. The family consists of 7 in total, all with their own land to cultivate coffee (4 sisters and 3 brothers – all of whom are 3rd generation coffee producers). 

The micro-mill and coffee farms are located at the place where the family grew up in Tarrazu. The namesake “La Candelilla” refers to how in the summer nights, you can see many beautiful fireflies– called “candelillas” in Spanish. Las Hermanas shares, “we are motivated by the love our parents have for coffee production and the desire to transfer all that passion to our children.”

RedEye Coffee is woman- and minority-owned. We are thrilled to be working with amazing farms and coops committed to empowering people. Proudly roasting in TLH.

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