Gift Set: All My Heart Care Package


A care package is a little package filled with comforting or uniquely special items when someone needs it most. A way of cheering someone up, letting them know you care and you love them, a way of helping when you sometimes can't physically be there. We have put together some of the sweetest and most helpful items from our collection. All items are ethically-traded and sustainably sourced.

Whether purchasing this for yourself as a form of self-care or really wanting to send something special to someone who means the world to you... this Ultimate Care Package is the bees knees.

Includes (retail value of $115):

1 - 12oz. bag of coffee (whole or ground)

1 - 2oz. bag of specialty, hand-blended loose leaf tea (TeBella Tea)

1 - Handwoven cosmetic bag, size: 9.5” x 7.5” (Woven Futures)

1 - Handmade friendship tassel (Woven Futures)

1 - $15 RedEye gift card

1 - 4oz. jar of Pro Seasoning (Nikki Talks Food)

1 - 4oz. luxury bar of Fresh Goat's Milk soap (Serenity Acres Farm)

1 - 4oz. all-natural Goat Milk Body Crème with English Rose scent (Serenity Acres Farm)

1 - Small note of appreciation

Let us know what you want your special note to say in the special instructions and we'll make sure your message is shared!  

Note: All care packages are made to order and takes 48 hours to process. Please note any special instructions at check-out.