Bagged Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Bagged Coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Guji


The Egu Abaye mill in Guji collects the coffee cherries from hundreds of local family-based producers for sorting, drying, and milling. The mill workers first sort for cherries at the peak of ripeness. These bright red cherries are then evenly spread on screens to dry in the sun. After drying, the fruit is stripped away revealing this singular coffee that's taken months of careful cultivation and processing. This coffee, the product of a community grounded in hundreds of years of farming tradition and skilled in modern processing techniques, exhibits some of the most vivid flavors possible in coffee. More origin details.

Natural Tasting Notes: Mild Strawberry, Orange, Milk Chocolate

Roast Level: Light

Proudly roasted in partnership with Grassroots Coffee, Thomasville, Ga.