FAMU Bragg COVID 19 Testing Site.
FAMU Bragg Stadium COVID 19 testing site.
Iced Tea drink jugs from RedEye Coffee in Tallahassee, FL.

Local Donation: FAMU Bragg Testing Site


We have been beyond amazed at the critical work being done by the 40+ FAMU and Bond Community employees at the Bragg Stadium COVID-19 Testing Site each day. They have increased their testing from 200 to 500 per day with an average turnaround of 72 hours for test results. All in the hot Tallahassee weather!

Consider treating them to a jug of cold brew or iced tea and some pastries. 

This is an easy peezy way to support a local business while providing a heartfelt thank you to these 40 employees. Just order and we will take care of the rest. It's our way of saying thank you. We hope you will join us. We promise to do our best to help you spread the Tally Love.

Note: Delivery is included in pricing. Currently, all Bragg donation deliveries are scheduled for Monday mornings.

Click here to learn more about the FAMU-Bond Community Testing Site.